TechExit make every effort to provide its clients, startups and investors ways to generate valuable partnerships, devising effective methods to achieve this goal.

Events - a great option for startups and investors to connect face to face, is one of the opportunities that we provide.

Our events are industry-focused, and as such they produce real results for participants. We offer two types of events, each holding inarguable values and benefits:

  • Online events
  • On-location events

Our investors are interested in a wide range of investments in different industries. They are interested in a solid business idea or profitable venture. They are interested in both startups and in mature businesses. Their investment levels tend to range from $10,000 to $1,000,000 and higher if the investor is a representative of a Venture Capital firm. Our investors offer real investment interest and a proven record of previous investments.

Investors invited to attend our events are business angels and private investors, made up of company directors, entrepreneurs, retired executives, etc. They also include:

  • Private Investors
  • Family funds
  • Investment groups
  • Representatives of high-net worth individuals
  • Venture capital companies
  • Brokers

Online Events

Cost effective and time efficient presentations that produce serious results.

These type of events take place several times a months, and are industry and category specific. Participating startup companies present their products and detail their proposal in front of a group of direct investors who have expressed interest in that specific industry and category of product.

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On Location Events

The ultimate way to generate strong connections between startups and investors.

These events are industry-specific. We invite startup companies and investors that share common interests, allowing them to share information through direct face-to-face presentations. More results are achieved during these meetings, and our fun and relaxed events increase the probability of generating recognition and creating relationships.

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