Financial Services

Startups looking to attract funding need to be ready with a professional portfolio before approaching investors.

Our dedicated team of financial professionals begin their work with the Company by first analyzing the product, and understanding the business model, the industry, the potential market, and the financial need. Together with the Company the team will work on adjusting the required materials, preparing the business for a successful investment with the right material:

  1. Product analysis, which results in a thorough understanding of the product, functionality, and the benefits it brings to the market and to its users (including market feasibility, critical viewpoints, technical feasibility, business model analysis, and target user analysis)
  2. Market analysis, identifying the market and its clients’ profile (including market analysis, technology trends, and competitors)

Based on the above TechExit team determines if the requested investment will be profitable for both the business and its investor(s). The team will then start preparing the materials required for presentation to potential investors:

  1. Investor Presentation - a focused exhibit of the business and all its elements. Slides should be short and to the point, supported by research and data, using defensible assumptions, and including information about the idea and the product.
  2. Business Plan - a roadmap for the business which includes essential information for investors, usually consisting of 3-5 year projections and outlining the route the company intends to take to grow revenues.
  3. Company’s financials - calculations expected by investors, including typical revenues and expenses
  4. Use of proceeds, ROI and terms - a detailed explanation of how the investment funds are intended to be used, including: a breakdown of expenses by type, the anticipated break-even point, and a series of financial projections showing various levels of performance and associated risk levels.
  5. Operational website - up-to-date company information and product descriptions

Based on the company’s criteria, stage, level of revenue, and level of required investment the team will reach out to its large portfolio of Investors:

  • Angel Investors
  • Strategic Partners
  • Privet Equity Fund
  • Venture Capital
  • Israeli - American Grants
  • Crowd Funding/Kick Starter
  • Investment Bankers
  • Large companies Investment Fund
  • Family Office Funds
  • Loans

TechExit Online - Investment-Platform

TechExit provide clients, startups and investors, with an online platform connecting entrepreneurs with angel investors and venture capitals in Israel, North America, and around the globe.

Entrepreneurs, Startups, and companies join a proactive investment network, and present their proposal to 1000+ investors, VC, Funds, Service providers. New investors join the network every day.

The service is completely free for investors. Investors joining the platform indicate their interest, type of industry, level of investment, type and level of involvement that they are looking for. We welcome investors to join our investment network, as they bring more opportunities for the registered companies.

A startup joining the platform provides a full description of their product, their target market, their team, and the type and level of investment that they are looking for.

Our platform matches investors and companies by analyzing the information provided by both sides, generating qualified potential matches which are followed by emails sent automatically from the system, keeping investors up to date with the latest offers. Thousands of entrepreneur-investor connections are made each month on our platform.

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