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Event’s set-up that generates real results for companies and investors.

Our events’ set-up consists of 2 days. And include up to 20 companies and 40 – 60 investors, potentials clients, & and local service providers, all of which are interested in the same technological criteria. Investors meet with the companies at their display table. A synopsis of every company is included in the event’s brochure distributed among the investors prior to the event, allowing pre event scheduling of meetings with specific companies of their interest. During these face to face meetings the companies are able to better explain their projects and interested investors are given the opportunity to ask questions and find out more about your project.

Techexit is focused on achieving success to their events’ participants and as such we created our 2 days event

Day One - Morning - consists of different ways to improve the participating companies’ performance during the event by providing them with valuable information, delivered by professionals of different related fields of:

  • Investment - financial mentors of different background such as Angle investors, VC’s, and other financial professionals explain how to succeed in your fund raising project

  • Business development - potential clients in the field of the current event’s technologies provide information about the way emerging products and solutions are perceived in their field, what is the kind of synergy they are looking for, and more.
  • Corporate legal - professional lawyers of first line provide information about establishing a company in North America, when and how to apply for patent, legal requirements to be met when raising money

Day One - Afternoon – event’s participants will be given the opportunity to improve their presentation’s material with the help of marketing and investment professionals making it ready for next day’s presentation.

Day Two – starts with 10 minutes pitch delivered by each of the participating companies, explaining projects to the audience followed by 10 minutes of question by the Investors, Business partners. The pitch allows the company the opportunity to reach multiple investors, and subsequent discussions with interested investors are more detailed and generate better results.

The rest of Day Two consists of one on one pre-scheduled meetings with investors and potential clients at the companies’ display table. Meetings are not limited by time, and companies and investors as well as business partners, can take their time and share information of common interests. This serious and focused environment generate real success, and many follow-up meetings for the same week, are scheduled during these meetings.

A Few Words about Our Investors

Our investors offer real investment interest and a proven record of previous investments in a wide range of investments in different industries. They are interested in a solid business idea or profitable venture of both startups and in mature businesses. Their investment levels tend to range from $50,000 to $5,000,000 and higher.

Investors invited to attend our events are business angels and private investors, made up of company directors, entrepreneurs, retired executives, etc. They also include:

  • Angel Investors
  • Strategic Partners
  • Privet Equity Fund
  • Venture Capital
  • Israeli - American Grants
  • Crowd Funding/Kick Starter
  • Investment Bankers
  • Large companies Investment Fund
  • Family Office Funds
  • Broker Dealers
  • Loans

Upcoming Events

  • Jun
    Medical Event - 2017 Healthtech Innovations Investment Conference

    The 2017 Healthtech Innovations Investment Conference brings together diverse minds for compelling demonstrations and one-on-one investment meetings. The presenting companies, represented by senior management and carefully selected by our Selection Committee, will have the opportunity to network with accredited U.S. investors who can assist them with their expansion plans. Furthermore, the program will see a balanced and varied succession of corporate presentations, interactive discussions, one-on-one investment meetings, as well as dedicated networking sessions and lunch.

    Distinguished guests will include representatives from Boston Therapeutics, Merck, Med Pro Investors, Target Health Inc., Immune Pharmaceuticals Inc., Stryker, Highline Research, Health Investment & Financing, Morgan Stanley, Chardan Capital Market, and many more.

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