TechExit Services

TechExit handles every aspect of your business’ need for the purpose of attaining success for your company in North America. Services include Finance, Marketing, Business Development, Advertising, PR, and Legal.

We works closely with each startup, getting the company ready for the North American market. Our team of professionals provide personal attention and work with clients on all required materials necessary to appeal to potential investors, creating a business plan that displays the most attractive and sought-after assets for that specific industry, and giving your business an advantage over the competition.

TechExit connects entrepreneurs and startups in need of funds, at any phase, with investors of different levels, ensuring that each match is beneficial for both parties. We partner companies, based technology type, financial needs, and target market, with investors that have similar interests in technology, sufficient investment budget, appropriate market connections, and ample potential to promote the company.

Our financial services include an online platform listing thousands of highly accredited and interested investors looking for their next important opportunity, as well as thousands of startups offering their latest innovations looking to connect with appropriate investors. New investments and new proposals are listed daily, creating more opportunities for all.

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