Legal Services

Legal services by TechExit are provided by our partnered law firm, with offices located in Manhattan, New York, specializing in corporate matters, transactions, and securities.

Our partnered law firm has been involved in some of the biggest corporate deals, representing companies, negotiating with some of the country's biggest law firms, and achieving deal results which exceed clients’ expectations.

The legal team works closely with the company, providing legal insight with the intention to protect the interests of the negotiating party, while at the same time promoting the company’s best interests. The team holds the expertise and the resources to provide dynamic representation during every stage of any deal negotiation.

Our legal team provides companies with legal advice - a formal opinion regarding the substance or procedure of the law in connection with the company’s legal issues, creating awareness and pointing out matters that best be avoided or dealt with before they become legal issues.

Many of our clients engage our legal team as subcontracted internal counsel, an arrangement that provides the following benefits:

  1. An in-depth knowledge of the company, its products, and its legal needs
  2. A long-term relationship, which creates efficiency
  3. Having a legal expert as an internal part of the management team

Corporate Matters - Our law firm offers a complete line of legal services that most startup companies need when or even before they start to market their products. Included within the corporate services are:

  • Startup counseling
  • Formation of corporations, LLCs and other entities, including preparation of related documentation
  • Founders’ agreements, operating agreements, and limited partnership agreements
  • IP agreements, including licensing agreements, confidentiality, and inventions assignment agreements
  • Terms of service/use and privacy policies
  • Employment and consulting agreements
  • Stock option plans and agreements
  • Commercial contracts, including services agreements, partnering agreements, vendor/supplier agreements and reseller agreements
  • Structuring of equity ownership, including vesting issues
  • Corporate governance, including board of director matters and stockholders’/voting agreements
  • Trademark advice and registration

Corporate Transactions - Our team has a track record with many years of profound experience in handling major transactions of some the biggest and most prestigious deals. We manage the following types of transactions:

  • Mergers & acquisitions
  • Financings (securities saw matters)
  • Licensing or any other technology transactions
  • Debt transactions
  • Partnering transactions: strategic alliances, joint ventures, outsourcing.
  • Assets acquisitions, and buy-outs
  • Restructuring

Securities Matters - Our team of experienced securities lawyers assist companies with the complex subjects relating to securities laws, which if not handled correctly can result in serious negative consequences for the company and its stakeholders, subsequently triggering fines, penalties, and possible criminal prosecution. Our legal team provides services for all securities related matters, including:

  • Related securities law analysis and filings
  • Capital structure options
  • Seed capital financings, including "friends & family"
  • Angel and venture capital financings
  • Subscription agreements and “accredited investor” documentation
  • SEC and state compliance
  • Private placements
  • Related SEC and state securities law filings
  • Crowd funding

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